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Here at TNG (Travel and Gears), we would love to share that passion for traveling and holding the most recommended travel essentials, gear and travel accessories with you as much as important and less you could carry.

That purely means making sure you should have the minimum at least you need to get outside, from gear suggestions and accessories recommendations to inspiration for an upcoming trip (Whatever it may be short or might be long), and from tips on how to pack a backpack to how to live at the place you choose for your self or the family.

You can get our travel gear suggestions, recommendations & advice whether you’re in a store or online, with hundreds of articles posted on TravelNGears blogs.

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30 Best Traveling Outfits for
Women over 50 for Comfort & Style

After five years of traveling around the world, it’s safe to say I’ve tested some of the best travel clothes for women. Clothes, accessories, and shoes are not created equal and I have my personal favorites. I know what it’s like planning and packing for a trip and not knowing what to throw in your suitcase or how durable and easy certain travel clothes are.
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