65 Thoughtful Gifts for People Who Have Everything in 2023: Our Place, Lululemon, Etsy, Amazon, Uncommon Goods


Finding thoughtful gifts for the people who have everything isn’t simple—especially when you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day (or a birthday, anniversary, or holiday). After all, candy hearts can only say so much, and while a sexy or ooey-gooey present might be on theme, sometimes you want to show your loved ones in more considerate and personal ways how much you really care.

The best Valentine’s gifts for the person who either has a lot of stuff or tells you they don’t expect a gift can take a little digging into your giftee’s interests so you can surface new things they might not have given thought. Of course, expressing appreciation can come in many nonmaterial forms (like quality time), but there’s something to be said about tangible, thoughtful gifts that can become keepsakes or lay the groundwork for lasting memories. And, boy, do we have ideas.

For this upcoming Valentine’s Day, we’ve curated a whole bunch of unexpected gift ideas for everyone in your life, including indoor herb gardens for the foodie, warm-water bidets for the boyfriend whose bathroom is their throne, and cozy leggings for the girlfriend who likes to cuddle on the couch. There are collectible treats and small useful gifts your special someone may never have considered for themself, as well as subscription boxes that allow those with particular tastes to discover new favorites. Nicely, many gifts on this list fall under $100.

Below, we’ve assembled the most thoughtful gifts, unique gifts, and personalized gift ideas from brands and retailers like Bearaby, Our Place, Amazon, Uncommon Goods, Etsy, and Lululemon. Whoever you’re shopping for, we have something for them—but shop fast, as February 14 is almost here (and shipping deadlines are closing).

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