Big Man In The Woods10 things you didn’t know about the UK Scout Squirrel Section


UK Scouts have just celebrated one year of the Squirrels Scout section.

Here’s 10 facts about Squirrels you probably didn’t know. If you’ve not heard about the Squirrel section, it’s a new section here in UK scouting for young people aged four to six.

The UK Scout Sections are now Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network.


1- There’s 11,000 young people participating as Squirrels.


2- The Squirrels section is known as a Drey, and there’s 700 of them across the UK.


3- Each Drey is then split up into smaller groups known as Nests.

4- There’s 12 activity badges and 4 challenge badges.

5- The top Squirrel badge that any Squirrel can achieve is the Chief Scout Acorn Badge.

6- The meaning of the red jumper that the Squirrels wear? Well, that represents the Red Squirrels that can be found on Brownsea Island.


7 – The leader ratio is one to six indoors plus the Squirrel leader, one to four outside plus the leader, and you must have a minimum of three adult helpers, no matter how many Squirrels attend that meeting.


8- Squirrel Scouts have a motto and a promise, but no Scout law.

9- The last new section to open in Scouts UK was over 35 years ago. Do you remember that section? Yes, it was the Beavers, and they were introduced in 1986.

10 – What’s the scout leader’s name? So in Cubs we have Akela. In Scouts, we have Skip. Squirrel Scouts’ leader is known as Red.

There you go. 10 fascinating facts as we celebrate one year of the UK Scout Squirrel section. And if you’re a Squirrel Scout, I hope you’re having fun.



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