Big Man In The WoodsWhy do Scout Groups have different Colours?


Whether you call them Scarfs or Neckers, whatever you call them, and I’ve done a vlog a couple of months ago about what’s the point of a Scout necker, but I was asked this question,


“Mark, why do Scout Groups have different colors? Why don’t we have all the same?” Really simple and straightforward answer.

So once you get invested, every Scout around the world, wherever you are, whatever country, will be given a necker or a Scout scarf. I’m not going to get in that debate. But why do they have different colours or different patterns? Mine is a royal blue. We’ve got different colours. We’ve got a two one here, one’s got three; this one’s got metallic edging. Why? It’s for the Scout Group to be unique. So each group will have a different colour.

Now, if you look at the rainbow, there’s only so many colors in the rainbow, isn’t it? There’s only so many designs you can do for a Scout Group scarf. And as much as I’d like my group to be the only one in the world to have royal blue, I know there’s loads of Scout Groups in the UK that have royal blue. It is to differentiate, if I’ve said that word rightly, and to make your Scout Group different in your district and in your counties. So no group in your county, definitely not in your district, will have the same Scout Group scarf colour.

And if you want to change your group scarf colour, you’ve got to go to the County Commissioner and even Gilwell and get authorization. You can’t just at your group level in the Exec and decide “Actually we’re going from royal blue and we’re going to change it to black and gold, because we want to.” Yes, you can do that, but like I say, County Commissioner and Gilwell have got to authorize it.

So there you go, there’s the answer to why do Scout Groups have different colour scarves? If you want to learn some more about what is the point of a Scout necker, watch this one here and learn the history about a Scout scarf.



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