Here We Go Again – Hello Tropical Storm / Hurricane Nicole


The last couple of weeks, we have finally gotten back to some semblance of normal here in Sanford after Hurricane Ian.

The flood waters have been steadily but slowly receding, power was restored, water is back on and the marina has been able to resume pump out service.

We’ve been enjoying ample Sanfording – with an air show, rescheduled Oktoberfest, multiple shows at theaters, meat bingo and meet ups with friends. We even managed a day trip over to the Space Center with my mom.

And we’re both still actively training for our upcoming half / marathon in just a bit over two weeks. Some of it back along our beloved Lake Monroe waterfront as the sidewalks have re-emerged from the floods.

It’s been good.

Look ma.. no boots!

So of course, just last week, we stowed the galoshes away.

And wouldn’t you know it?

A late season storm is brewing and heading our way.

So, it’s hurricane redux for us and much of the southeast.

Thankfully, while Nicole is much more expansive she’s not predicted to be nearly as destructive as Ian was.

We’re not anticipating nearly as high of winds or as much rain. So perhaps the boots can stay stowed?

Outer bands of Nicole have already started to hit us today. 

Of course, with our sea wall just barely peaking out of the water – we have much less protection from fetch in the lake.

We’re hunkered down for a wet bouncy sloppy rest of our week.

Sending all our best to everyone doing the same.


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